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The Combat Control Memorial web site has been recently reconstructed.


All but three fallen brothers data is now up to date. Please, I encourage you to browse through our fallen brother and search your archives for images, stories, ect. and help preserve thier history.




As of 01 January 2019


-Howard, Clyde (Updated profile)

-Hughes, David R. (Added photos)

As of 13 January 2019


-Hernandez, Jorge A. (New Lost Brother in Jan 19)

As of 19 January 2019


-Cleghorn, Robert G. (New data, still need photos)

-Jones, John R. (New data, still need photos)

As of 04 March 2019


-Caleb, Jeff S. (New Lost Brother in Dec 17)


Thank you for your patience and support.

James Boyce, Webmaster

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